10 Vegan Travel Hacks

vegan travel hacks

Vegan travel Hacks

When it comes to travelling as a vegan there are a number of things you need to think about and plan for. As with any kind of travel it really is a good idea to be well prepared. I do hope the vegan travel hacks help you have an amazing trip filled with amazing things to eat!

Make sure you order your airline food in advance

Obvious but important to make your dietary requirements known in advance.


Consider travelling somewhere vegan-friendly – crucial vegan travel hacks

India is a wonderful place to explore as a Vegan as is California –  some places will be easier than others to eat well as a Vegan. But don’t despair if the place you are going to is traditionally all about fish or steak!  with a bit of research pretty much any place you travel will have something you can eat!


Make sure you get what you need

Do take some vitamins with you – it may be really tricky to get all you need form your food but you want to stay well!


Pack some snacks for your journey

Whilst vegan foods are stocked much more widely than they used to be it can still be tricky to get vegan snacks en route so do pack some snacks for your trip. You never know what delays you might face and having your own snacks could make all the difference. Stash a few packs of Trek or Deliciously Ella bars in your bag for when there are no suitable snacks or meals available. styleBrief.co.uk


Do your research on the local restaurants

Wherever you are travelling to is well worth researching in advance the restuatnts and shops in the local vicinity. Make some calls or fire off some emails and get yourself organised. Eating lovely food is a key part of a holiday and you do not want to have to leave it to chance. Don’t forget to ask in worldwide vegan groups for recommendations as locals often know the lesser known places! evans-crittens.com


Vegan travel Hacks

Use a  good Vegan travel  app packed with vegan travel hacks

Download the vegan app ‘Happy Cow’ it lists vegan-friendly restaurants in countries all over the world – so handy!   amytreasure.com


Spice it up with your vegan travel hacks

Take some ready mixed up spice blends or rubs that you know you like, just in case the food your source is bland and needs some love & pizazz! Readyfreddiego.com


Learn the Vegan Lingo

Make sure you can translate the ingredients if you are in another country too – perhaps use the Google translate app with the camera for an instant translation! allsheloves.co.uk


Consider self- catering

Cooking for yourself may not be everyone’s cup of tea when you are on holiday but it can really take away the hassle of where you eat. It may be a great time to try some new recipes. Hop over to Thinly Spread for some great Vegan inspiration.


Go local

Find out what fruit or veg is plentiful and native to where you are travelling and look up some vegan recipes based around that when you travel.


Over to you for your Vegan Travel hacks

I hope you have found these Vegan travel hacks useful. If you are a vegan that loves to travel and you have some travel hacks to share then do please drop me a comment below. Huge thanks to all our contributors.


You can see lots of lovely veggie and vegan recipes at Eat Simply


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