7 Most Romantic Date Restaurants in LA

Date Restaurants in LA

The  Most Romantic Date Restaurants in LA

When it comes to Los Angeles’s dining scene, romance is everywhere, and if you’re on the hunt for some good date restaurants in LA or  recommendations for a date, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to discover 7 of the best romantic date-worthy restaurants in LA.



If you have a taste for classic and modern, Openaire could turn out to be a great pick for you. The ambience is bright, airy and greenhouse-y and when it comes to the menu, it is almost just as refreshing. You’ll find some amazing cocktail options and great pasta dishes to pick from. Plus, the dishes are shareable- something you wouldn’t usually see in other restaurants.



Perch is one of the prettiest rooftop bistros in the city, and is a sure winner if you’re still confused about where to go for a lunch date. They have a live jazz band to pump up the atmosphere, and the incredible views that you get to enjoy while relishing your meal really make you leave with a smile on your face.


71Above is definitely one of the hottest dining destinations in all of LA, and if you’re looking to plan a date night to remember (and don’t mind breaking the bank), you definitely can’t go wrong with this one. This splurge will get you to enjoy your meal with some of the most breathtaking views of the city’s skyline (from 950 feet above the ground).



Located strategically in Studio City, Firefly is another place you can’t go wrong with. This fine dining option has delicious modern American foods in a Moroccan inspired cabana setting that is bound to get you and your plus one in a great mood. The firelit patio is decorated with twinkly lights and candles, which make for the perfect ambience for you to enjoy your pick of some carefully crafted dishes- each one tasting better than the next.


Inn of the Seventh Ray

Enter this place and you’ll find yourself transported to another world altogether- Inn of the Seventh Ray is set up in the midst of a forest of oak, pine and sycamore trees, and still turns out to be one of the most beautiful dining places ever. Wait- it gets better. The restaurant is known to serve organic, farm-to-table dishes. Try their lavish brunch buffet with your better half to take things up a notch.


One Pico

This beachside destination in Nantucket is another great pick, and if you’re lucky, you can book a table that overlooks the Pacific ocean. The surf and turf plates are mind blowing, and if you’re here for dinner, you’ll also be able to enjoy some live piano and jazz.

Cliff’s Edge

Looking for a restaurant with a cozy vibe? Make a reservation with Cliff’s Edge, that’s known for serving some of the most delicious meals and has the perfect ambience for a dinner date with your plus one (think patio, tree canopy, fairy lights and fire pits). Their cocktails are worth a mention, and if you’re confused about what to pick, try the oysters.


I hope you have enjoyed this post on the 7 Most Romantic Date Restaurants in LA – may they lead you to good food and true love


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