How to Find Love in Lockdown

Is this the right time to find love?

Finding love during a pandemic is not the easiest of ventures. In fact you might be tempted to give up the  quest completely and think gt you lock down and love are just not compatible.

But I disagree.

Finding love is probably one of the most delightful things to do in life and would certainly enlighten and enliven these gloomy days.

We all seem to have more time these days too don’t way, time to chat, tend to homes  our friends and family and whislt we have time for all this self-nuturing sure ly we have time to tend to our hearts?

It is always the right time to find love.

Especially at Christmas.

Next to children Christmas was I believe made especially for lovers.

How not to date in lockdown

So how to date in lockdown?

You can’t just head on out to a bar and hope to find someone can you because the bars are petty much all shut. And, even when lock down eases you are probably only going to be allowed to visit them with members form your bubble keeping properly socially distanced from any one else. So what can you do?

Even meeting friends of friends or double dating, joining an evening class, arranging a date with a chap you meet at work..well at the moment all of these are no go’s.

There isn’t going to be an office Christmas party either is thee where you can completely drunk and snog someone for a bit of fun.

Nope not even that is going to happen this Christmas.

But I am absolute not one to dwell on things you can’t do. Let’s have a think about the things you CAN do to find love in lockdown.


How to Find Love in Lockdown


How to Find Love in Lockdown

So, let’s approach things differently and think about what is possible. In fact why not  take a look at free dating sites Derbyshire for a chance to connect with some one local to you looking for love inf you live in the area. Wherever you are based there will be dating sites local to you.

Then, whilst you might not be able to meet up for a while, you can spend some time really chatting and getting to know each other, finding out what you have in common and if you seem at all compatible.

Then knowing you live close by and dating would be accessible and easy you can start to make plans.

Do consider trying a dating agency derbyshire or wherever you may live. It’ ll certainly spice up your lockdown.

Keeping an eye firmly on the lockdown rules and guidance from the government you owuld know when the chatting would cease and rel life connections would begin. But this way the groundwork would have been done.



Lockdown really does bring a chance for deeper connections and you can at the very least start to make strides towards finding love despite the current situation.

Why don’t you start taking steps on that path today – who knows where it might lead your heart?


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