What is the meaning of Staycation?


 Have you been wondering what is the meaning of staycation?

To ease the furious debate about the definition of a ‘staycation’, a new at-a-glance glossary (one-page summary attached) has been issued to help 2020 holidaymakers find the right word to describe their never-to-be-forgotten 2020 holiday experience.

Tom Messett, founder of Stampapp.me, said: “There’s no question that this will be a memorable year for holidaymakers. Despite the difficulties, pubs, restaurants, takeaways, hotels and B&Bs are doing all that they can to welcome guests.  To help avoid squabbling about what to call their break on their postcards and Instagram posts, we’ve assembled a simple guide to the options for holidaymakers.”

What is the meaning of Staycation?

Staycation – “A holiday at home – and ONLY at home.”  OR. “A holiday in the UK which MIGHT or MIGHT NOT be at home.”

Dismaycation – “A holiday filled with arguments about whether a staycation is a holiday exclusively at home or whether it is a holiday in the UK, unless of course you live in another country, in which case it might either be a holiday in your principal residence in your own country or a holiday in your country as a whole, with the arguments for the latter focusing on the fact that the ‘holiday’ component for stay-at-homes probably will involve some day trips, thereby making in a holiday in the UK in any case.”

Claycation – “I thought you packed the shovel and wellingtons.”

Keepawaycation – Either a holiday in a part of the UK with a spike in cases or a tourist part of the UK where lots of people have second homes.

Takeawaycation – Global culinary tour within three blocks of home.

Playcation – “When you said ‘console’, I thought you meant comforting me at a time of disappointment”.

Cafécation – Breton shirt, beret, espresso and croissant in the local café every morning at 7.

Overpaycation – “To reserve you place, please pay the full amount in advance.  Full details will be sent to you in due course.”

Onewaycation – A holiday on which new stringent quarantine rules kick in for the UK on the outward journey.

Repaycation – “We’re afraid that your airline has ceased trading.  We suggest you rebook with another provider, but please note that only first-class seats might be available.”



Are you ready for more (daft) meaning of staycation terms?

Toupeecation – “There are warnings of gales in Viking, Forties, Dogger, Fisher, Sole and Bailey.”

Valetcation – Just you, cleaning products and the house.

Braycation – A holiday near donkeys.

Daycation – “England’s lovely but you can do it in a day.”

Greycation – UK summer inner-city break.

Praycation – “I probably packed it, but I can’t be sure.”

Preycation – “I quite fancy Longleat or Cotswolds antique shops.”

Traycation – A holiday eating in front of the telly finishing Netflix.   

Weighcation – See above.

Astraycation – “It’s not my fault there’s no reception.  If we’d left when I said it’d still be light.”

Buffetcation – Maximise your one-visit salad plate by starting with a foundation screed of sweetcorn and potato salad.

Hallwaycation – All packed, ready to go, and then…

Superhighwaycation – At home, googling places for next year, Edith Piaf on Spotify, Goat’s cheese pizza in the oven.

Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet-cation – A holiday researching the life of one of the first exponents of a theory of evolution based on his analysis of the gradual lengthening of giraffe necks in the fossil record.

Shizosaccharomycetaea-cation – A holiday with a family of yeasts.

For easy reference, the  meaning of Staycation guide can be downloaded from www.stampapp.me

To help keep holidaymakers of all kinds safe, Stampapp.me has developed an ultra-contactless app that enables guests to book, order, pay, get loyalty points and more in restaurants, pubs, takeaways and hotels.


I do hope you have found this guide on the meaning of staycation to be useful!


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