My top 10 holiday wishlist by Jamie (age 10)

My lovely nephew Jamie has shared his travel top 10 with me here at Bukit today.  What do you think of his list?


My top 10 holiday wishlist

10. Las Vegas has great sites, okay food, famous singers and amazing weather and nice people. Last but not least it has spectacular scenery.


  1. Peru is filled with amazing history with Macchu Picchu the great mountain and awesome rivers and its capital Lima is a wonder. It is a great city.


  1. Russia has Lake Baikal, which is amazing to look at. Another great place is Moscow it is filled with stories. Saint Petersburg is a fabulous place filled with culture.


  1. Greenland is the largest island in the world and is called the land of ice. It is gorgeous and its capital Nuuk is a great village next to a mountain.


  1. France’s capital Paris is perfect and the Eiffel tower is amazing. I would love to climb it one day but I can’t yet.


  1. México has great beaches to relax on and perfect cities to enjoy and its cathedral are nice and peaceful I can’t wait to go there someday.


My top 10 holiday wishlist

  1. Africa’s awesome sunsets and exotic animals make me want to go there. The boiling heat and the warm sand in my feet would fill me with joy.


3. Sweden has amazing northern lights and ice-cold winters. I would love to see. it’s capital Stockholm and I would go there for my 18th birthday.


  1. Tokyo. I am so excited about the future so what better place than the fastest growing country. I love big cities so this is great for me


  1. At number one is Sydney Australia. Its animals are amazing and its overwhelming heat is fantastic for someone coming from England I can’t wait and that is my top ten of places I would like to go.

So have you been anywhere on Jamie’s top 10 holiday wishlist? What would be on years…do drop me a line I would love to know. You can have look at my Bukit list here


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