Advenutes Closer to Home & a Step Into Online Dating

Is it time for a step into online dating?

What a funny old year this has been.

Ah, it is not the time to be a traveller, is it?  This year has put paid to so many travel dreams for so many people. The global pandemic means more than ever people or choosing or even being told they need to stay home.

For me, this has meant a deal of frustration but my natural positivity kicked in and I began to explore the places around me in more depth and with a greater appreciation. Actually. it may sound a cliche but it is actually rather amazing what you can find on your doorstep.

When it comes to holiday romances you don’t need to write this year off completely instead why not look a little closer to home?


Step Into Online Dating

Romance is always possible

I firmly believe no matter what the situation or the location, romance is always a possibility.

You need the right attitude rather than the right beach. If you are wanting to meet a special someone for a brief or a lasting romance lack of opportunity should never hold you back. You need to get yourself on free UK dating sites and give yourself a good chance to find that special somebody.

Have you tried this?

Finding love online is increasingly common – according to Sky News more people will meet their partner online than offline by 2035 if current trends continue.

So, if you are in the market for some adventure and your travel plans have been thwarted this could be a really fun thing for you to try.


How to write a successful online dating profile description

If you have never used a dating site before you might be a bit daunted about what to write for your profile.

Here is the scenario pop on over to Match Me Happy excited to make a start and meet some potential love interests when you suddenly realise you have to tell everyone who you are.Gosh, it can be hard to know where to start can’t it.

But start you must, otherwise, you literally have no chance of catching someone’s attention on there.


How to write a successful online dating profile description


Here are my 5 top tips to writing a dating profile

  1. Don’t lie – there is no point because if you do not only will you be found out eventually you will also be wasting your time and someone else’s time because you won’t actually be what they are looking for.
  2. Do focus on the positives, tell them how you climbed Everest last year or are an amazing Mexican cook. No one needs to know you snore and are often late!
  3. Try and stand out from the crowd by adding detail – everyone says they like to eat out and go to the cinema – instead say… I love Soul food and Rom Coms that make me laugh loudly!
  4. Don’t feel you have to share your life story – let someone get to know you first
  5. Shine your light – if you are gorgeous and funny and smart and well-travelled then say it as it is.. it is no time to be humble.

Oh and in regard to photos? Do share your best shot but do make sure it looks like you do now, otherwise you are only misleading someone and it won’t end well


Good luck if you take that step into online dating and do pop a back and tell me of your adventures!


Step Into Online Dating is a collaborative post


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