The Best Hot Springs in Europe

The Best Hot Springs in Europe

The Best Hot Springs in Europe

Stepping into your bathtub after a long day at work may feel deliciously pampering. Looking to take things up a notch with that? Experience the bliss like nothing else by treating yourself to a dip in a hot spring!

Here’s a rundown of some of the best hot springs in Europe you can consider- and while you’re at it, make sure you get your partner too!


Aqua Dome, Austria

Up for some futuristic style pampering? Aqua Dome in Austria has you covered! With its three mega levitating outdoor pools, a breathtakingly beautiful mountain backdrop and its couple-special moonlight bathing experience, this place is one of the top choices for a lot of those looking to indulge in a bit of luxury.


Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort, Greece

What happens when a rather unique geographical location and thermal waters come together? This right here is what! Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort offers a one of a kind combination of a thermal and thelasso spa, and also claims to be one of the most eco-friendly spa resorts there is. So yeah- it ticks all the boxes- luxury, wellness and so much more.


Thermae Bath Spa, England

Complete with its herbal steam rooms and over 40 complementary therapies to pick from, Thermae Bath Spa is one of those hot springs that offer you a complete experience. Here you’ll find 4 thermal baths to choose from- and guess what- there’s an open-air rooftop version as well where you can take in some of the most stunning views from the top!


Bagni Di Pisa, Tuscany

Set right between the hills and the lush green trees, Bagni Di Pisa is a paradise-like retreat for all couples looking to enjoy some grand pampering. Based on the natural thermal springs, this spa and villa is actually a part of a natural thermal cave perfect with its soothing and deeply calming ambience- you definitely can’t go wrong with this one!


The Best Hot Springs in Europe

Széchenyi Baths, Hungary

Located strategically in Budapest, Széchenyi Baths has room for everyone! There are 18 pools, 10 saunas and many steam chambers where you can unwind and relax. Plus, there are also several massage therapies and facial treatments offered. Romantic during the night and fun and affordable during the day- what more could you ask for?


Laugarvatn Fontana, Iceland

Experience the best Iceland has to offer at Laugarvatn Fontana and its geothermal pools and steam rooms that have been built over natural hot springs. The sands here are believed to help soothe arthritic joints too, and if that wasn’t enough, where else in the world can you soak away blissfully with the aurora borealis beautifying the night sky over you?


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

We’ve saved the best for the last- Blue Lagoon has surely evolved into nothing less than a geothermal wonder and has become one of the most loved thermal baths in Europe. If you get yourself here, you’ll be treating yourself to a complete blissful skincare experience. The waters here contain a number of active ingredients include algae and silica.


Over to you

I hope you have enjoyed this little look at  The Best Hot Springs in Europe. Do have a look here to read more about the benefits of hot springs Have you been to any of these place ( or any others?) I would love to hear all about it..please leave me a comment below if you have and tell me all about your experiences.


The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is firmly going on my Bukit List


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