Tips to Get Over Homesickness While Travelling

Tips to Get Over Homesickness While Travelling


Tips to Get Over Homesickness While Travelling

Travel homesickness is totally normal and isn’t something to be ashamed of, especially if you’re travelling for the first couple times. If you’re struggling with your homesick feelings and thoughts from being so far away from home, this information can help you a lot. Here are some tips to help get over homesickness while traveling.

Homesick – unhappy becuase of being away form home for a long period  – Dictionary Definition

Keep memories with you

If you want to have a piece of home by your side, bring along small photos that help you reminisce and remember fond memories of home. It could help you remember that you’ll be back home in due time. You can keep these tucked in your travel journal or perhaps in a necklace.

Treat yourself

Homesickness can cause a lot of sadness and stress, so you should take care of yourself to make sure you’re keeping healthy and safe. Maybe spend a day alone just relaxing and doing things you love to do at home. Be kind to yourself if you feel homesick – it is not a wekeness it jut means you really do love your home and that can only be a good thing! A little bunch of flowers always works wonders for me

Do something fun

Sometimes engaging in something fun on your trip can help keep your mind off of being homesick and help you enjoy your stay. It can also help your destination feel more like home. Distraction is alwasy a good thing whilt you are sad – it not only keeps your mind busy but can fil up your heart with new things.


Create similar routines

If you’re having trouble adjusting to the new routines or timezone, try to create similar routines to your home routines you already had. Maybe a similar morning and nighttime routine can help you feel like you’re home again.

Be patient

Remember to be patient with yourself and with your adjustment to the trip. It’s not going to feel great in the beginning and it may be hard to deal with your homesick feelings, but you can have a great time. You’ll be home eventually and sometimes all it takes is a bit of a time to adjuts to your new environment,,

Keep in contact with home

Whether you send gifts or postcards home or get on the phone with loved ones, keeping in contact can help you stay connected with your home and know what’s going on. It helps you worry less and feel like your loved ones are there with you.  Your friends and family at home will love to hear form you too and most especially to see you rphotos. Hsbving an instagram account is a great way to share photographs and  chat online with those you love through comments without it costing you a pannny so why not set uyp an account just for your travels and share your journed with those you love,

Stay positive

Try your best to keep a positive outlook on your situation. It’s not permanent and you can get home when you need to. Remember that there are lots of things to enjoy about your current situation and you are creating memeories that will last with youthrough your entire life. Do cherish the moments – these are priceless treasures of experience. try and stay in the moment

Make your destination feel like home

Similar to creating similar routines, try to stay in a hotel or a destination that makes you feel like you’re still at home. It can help you to feel comforted on bad days and have a space that feels like home while you’re away. I know I find big anonymous places very sterile but by choosing cosy and smaller spaces to stay I feel much more like home.  Simililarly if I can make sure I get a great coffee first thing in the monring – something that i always do at home- then I always feel better


If you’ve used some of these tips and they haven’t helped, try some of the many others I’ve given you. Hopefully, some of these can help ease your missing home while you’re on your trip so you can truly enjoy the traveling experience. Travel safely and I hope you can fight away the homesickness soon!



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