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Hello, I’m Jane and my blog is and I’ve been blogging since 2013. My blog covers food, family and lifestyle, we travel a lot in the UK and we are keen campers and glampers.


   Jane at Hodge Podge Days


Where was your favourite ever trip?

This is such a difficult question, it’s hard to pick so ‘ll choose my son’s favourite, which was a week in Majorca in 2016.


What made you choose to go there and who did you go with?

I won the holiday at a blogging event, which was the best thing ever. I have a husband and a son who are my trusty companions on almost all of my trips.


What made it so special? (please write a longer piece about the destination here with a few photos)

Our week in Majorca was our first foreign holiday as a family and a real excuse for us to chill out. It was very different to our usual style of holiday, which is invariably self-catering in a cottage in Devon. I love self-catering in a cottage in Devon, but staying in a hotel and having someone else cook and clean for a week was the best thing ever.

The hotel we stayed in had three swimming pools and a small amusement park attached, so there was plenty to do on site. We were close to the beach too. My son loved the swimming pools, and keen to just chill out and relax, we were very happy to sit by the pool with a book while be played in the pool with his new friends.

The hotel, the Sol Kathmandu was great for kids. We went during Halloween where the whole hotel was decorated in spooky style, even our bed had a Halloween bedspread on it! The entertainment was fine, and there was a kids club complete with mascots, but the three pools were the real draw for us.

Although we usually chose to holiday in the UK, all three of us thoroughly enjoyed stepping out of our usual comfort zone and staying in a hotel in Majorca. We’ve not yet managed another hotel holiday abroad, but I have hopes that it will happen again at some point soon.



When it comes to special holidays, it’s not necessarily the location, or the weather, or the facilitates; for us it’s the experience. This was our first holiday after we had experienced a sudden bereavement. It was our first holiday where we could all relax and not have to cook and clean or whatever. It was a holiday which healed us and brought us closer together, and it’s now the benchmark for what a good holiday is. I hope we get another good holiday like that again soon!


Where was your least favourite trip and why?

A couple of years ago we stayed in the most awful cottage in Lynton near Lynmouth in Devon. The pictures made Spring Cottage look really good, but when we arrived it was filthy, there were no curtains at the windows so we had to buy bin bags and cellotape to cover the windows at night, it was damp and the stairs were so dangerous we kept falling down them. I think we lasted two nights before we packed up and left. It was awful.


What destination is on your Bukit list ?

We have a few places we would like to go to. I’d love to show my son some of Norway and Sweden. I’d like to take him to Ireland because it’s so beautiful. I’d love to take him to Sardinia, to Spain, to Germany. There are so many places we would love to visit, I just need to save some pennies for our next adventure!



Jane, thank you so much for sharing your travel tales!


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