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Hi, I am Maggy a fellow blogger at and I am married to a travelling loving husband and we have two kids (11yrs and 9yrs). As a family we love to travel!


Where was your favourite ever  trip?

The kids have only really “just” been old enough for big adventurous trips. A couple of years ago we decided to take them on a trip to Cambodia. It was brilliant and such an eye opener for the kids. Having said that, the trips we all enjoy the most together (at the moment), just have to involve water in some format and the kids are happy. So whether it is being by the sea, a lake in Austria or by a pool… we are happy!

What made you choose to go there and who did you go with?

The Cambodia trip was an “organised tour”. We decided that something organised would be better as our first big “adventure” holiday as a family – less stress and more safe for the kids. We also thought it could be nice for the kids to be with other families and their children to hang out with (the jury is out on that one though). We chose Cambodia over other countries, as it is a country both my husband and I hadn’t been to before – but was still significantly “different” to make it exciting for the children.  Asia is also cheaper than say Central America and therefor more affordable.

What made it so special ?

I think it was simply that it was so different for the children. As mentioned, between us, my husband and I had already been to places such as India, Thailand, Indonesia and Bali. We were keen for somewhere new. Cambodia was attractive, as it has the famous world heritage site Angkor Wat (also featured in tomb raider). It is a beautiful country with amazing things to see. At the same time, it is full of history – quite recent history in fact with the Khmer Rouge regime! We learnt a lot about life in Cambodia from our tour guide and even got to visit his father in law on an impromptu stop and hear about his experience with the Khmer Rouge.

On lighter note the kids to got to go swimming most days (which is a must for them on a Summer holiday).. whether it was swimming after dark or in the monsoon rain! They also got to eat deep fried scorpions which I am sure they will remember!

We also went on a cooking class which involved visiting the local market to find and buy our ingredients first!!

Where was your least favourite part of the trip and why?

It really is very hot and humid! Though I did know this before going and have experience it before… being hot all the time really is a bit boring!

What destination is on your Bukit list ?

The kids currently REALLY want to go to Costa Rica – but it is quite expensive (see my comment above about Central America)… so I think we will have to save up for that one! May take us a while to make it there…. In the meantime, I am keen to make sure we also explore the Great Britain.. with the world at our (cheap flight) feet, it is easy to forget about the place you come from. I think it is important for the kids to get to know Britain as well. Scotland is definitely on the Bukit list!


Thank you so much Maggy





  1. March 25, 2019 / 10:49 am

    Thank you for having us! We had such a lovely time and great to share our adventure!

    • admin
      March 25, 2019 / 6:35 pm

      Thank you for taking part lovely!

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