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I’m Stevie – officially Stephanie, but no one other than my GP and my Mum when she’s angry ever calls me that. My main blog is A Cornish Mum ( and I also have my new site A Home In Cornwall ( I actually have a third site launching soon too.

Where was your favourite ever trip?

My favourite trip was to Universal Resort Orlando, which was literally the holiday of a lifetime.


A Cornish Mum


What made you choose to go there and who did you go with?

Amazingly the holiday was actually a review trip, so it was all accommodation, flights and expenses paid for. We even had a VIP tour on one of the days, which meant skipping every single queue for the rides that we went on.

I went with my boyfriend Si and my two children who were thankfully the perfect heights to go on every single ride.

What made it so special ?

The trip was so special for us, because it was a holiday that would have taken us years to save up for if we had paid for it ourselves, so being able to just go without having to save up for years was pretty amazing and I cried when I found out that we had been chosen as one of the families to go there.


The holiday lived up to all the hype as well, it’s such an amazing place everyone is so friendly and we discovered the fact that the boys are majorly brave adrenaline junkies. They went on the Rip Ride Rockit loads of times that week, whereas once was enough for me for life as it was petrifying ha! I am so glad that I did it once though.



My personal favourites were the ET ride just for the nostalgia and the starry sky part brought tears to my eyes again – honestly I spent the whole week feeling so grateful and trying not to have happy tears in between all the laughing and screaming on the rides! And Hulk, which is ridiculously fast, but absolutely amazing to ride.

The food at Universal Orlando was great as well, I’m pretty sure I put on about a stone that week, as everything just tasted so good and the American portion sizes are huge!

Another part of being there that I loved was getting to let out my inner geek in the Harry Potter areas, which were fantastic. The boys used their ‘magic’ wands to cast spells, we drank Butterbeer, saw a dragon breathing actual fire that you could feel the heat from on the road below and of course enjoy those rides too.



For a family holiday with older children or even couples, I would definitely recommend going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. We definitely plan on going back one day, it was literally the perfect holiday for us. Even down to the evenings where we drank cocktails around the pool whilst the boys swam.


Where was your least favourite trip and why?

I am honestly struggling to think of a trip that we haven’t loved. Rather than individual trips there have been bits that haven’t been a lot of fun.

Like the time that we stayed in a caravan and poor Si was ill the whole time and was mostly in front of the fire shivering all week. We made the best of it though and it was a cosy week and the onsite pool and games room kept the boys amused.

I tend to be a pretty positive person and we make the most of every holiday, even the bad bits which are bound to happen, we don’t let ruin the whole holiday.


What destination is on your Bukit list ?

Canada has been on my wish list of places to visit for as long as I can remember, along with the USA, but obviously that one has been ticked off the list now. In the future I really want to visit Canada, go back to the US and go on a Norwegian cruise to see the Northern Lights.



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