What to Do in Kyoto, Japan

what to Do in Kyoto

What to Do in Kyoto, Japan

Well known as Japan’s cultural capital, Kyoto is a great place to consider visiting if you’re planning a vacation to someplace calm, serene and laidback. Keep reading to discover the top 7 things you can do when you’re here.


Be a Part of a Tea Ceremony

You might find traditional tea ceremonies everywhere in Japan, but Kyoto is exactly where you should be a part of it. Why- you may ask. Well, that’s because the ceremony is considered even more sacred here- thanks to its strong Buddhist beliefs. Who knows- you might become a tea lover and a mindful person while you’re at it.

Visit the Kinkakuji Temple

The golden Kinkakuji temple, surrounded by the calm waters of the lake and the lush green trees, is another place worth visiting in Kyoto. Get there early in the morning to catch the sunrise reflecting off the golden walls and experience tranquillity at its best.


Stroll Through the Nishiki Market

Keen on discovering some of the best treats that Japan has to offer? Don’t miss out on your chance to stroll through the Nishiki Market- a super busy market that is lined with stalls and stalls of unique and downright delicious Japanese food items. Get ready to treat yourself to an entirely new food experience when you’re here- from ice-creams made of tofu to roe stuffed squid- you’ll find everything here.

Walk Down the Philosopher’s Path

Looking to get some peace and quiet? Take a walk down the Philosopher’s path in Arashiyama- the path lined by cherry blossoms and bamboo trees. The walk takes about an hour, and you’ll find a few cafes and shops nearby too. End your walk with a trip to the monkey park nearby!


Things to Do in Kyoto


Visit the Ryoanji Temple

The Ryoanji temple is one of the best places to visit in Kyoto, and that’s for a good reason. Hundreds of people flock here every day to visit its famous zen rock garden- complete with white pebbles in a serene environment. The garden has 15 rocks, but we challenge you to find any one spot that allows you to see and count all 15 of them- at least one of them is always hidden from your view.

Hit Kyoto International Manga Museum

Unlike most museums, the Kyoto International Manga Museum focuses on displaying a very current form of Japanese art- manga! Get the chance to view the stunning displays of massive collections of Manga while you’re here- everything from the famous Dragonball Z and Astro Boy to more obscure comics. This would definitely be my kids top thing to do in |Kyoto

Wander Through the Gion District

Well known for its charm and historic background, Gion district is another place worth visiting in Kyoto. Shop from the local stores that sell antique items, dine at one of the restaurants and enjoy your time in the entertainment district- complete with its Kabuki shows and geisha dance performances.


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I do hope you have enjoyed this post on what to do in Kyoto, Japan is now firmly on my Bukit list


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