7 Best Places to Visit in Morocco


best places to visit in Morocco


The best places to visit in Morocco

Are you looking for the best places to visit in Morocco? If you are then read on we have some lovely ideas for you.

Narrowing down the number of beautiful places to visit in Morocco down to just 7 is a difficult task indeed, but we’ve done it for you here. If you’re planning to get here anytime soon, or are already here for just a short stay, get to these places to make the most of it and explore Morocco like never before. Read on…


High Atlas

Got trekking on your mind? Get yourself here, especially if you’re traveling during autumn or spring. Take up one of the hiking trails at Toubkal National Park for a journey you’ll remember throughout your life- yes- the views are so splendid, they’re actually unforgettable. And of course, don’t forget to check out the restaurants in Imlil to have your fill.



Noisy and full of history, the city of Marrakesh is located at the base of the Atlas mountains. Stroll through the streets and check out the hustle bustle of the souks and bazaars, or visit the night market to get your hands on some spices and unique jewelry pieces. Also, don’t forget to visit the famous Saadian Tombs to get a glimpse into the rich history of the city.


Meknes may not be as large as Marrakesh, but its architecture and charms sure earn it enough importance to get it on our list here. Discover the royal palace and other historic sites (especially the Bab Mansour Gate) here to learn more about the Moroccan culture- and don’t forget to visit the Roman ruins while you’re at it.



Located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, Essaouira is a great option, especially if you’re looking to find some peace and quiet and escape the heat and the hustle bustle of the city. Take in the breathtakingly beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean on the beach here, or even try kitesurfing if you’re up for it. If you’re here in June, check if you’re in time for the famous three day Gnaoua World Music Festival.


Rabat is one of Morocco’s top tourist destinations and there are many reasons why. First, the weather here is great all throughout the year, and the beaches here literally drip in tranquility. What’s more, Rabat also has some really great cafes, museums and boulevards which make it a great attraction for people of all ages to visit.



How about visiting the modern side of Morocco for a change? Casablanca has just that with some stunning buildings that imbibe French colonial design with the traditional Moroccan style. If you’ve got an eye for architecture, you should definitely get here. The plethora of dining options here only makes it better!



If unwinding on a sandy beach is all you can think about when you’re in Morocco, get to Asilah, which is the most popular place for all Moroccan vacationers who want to do just that. Paradise beach is one of the best ones, so make sure you get there. Covered in colorful street art, the walls make for the perfect backdrop of your Instagram photos, and of course, you can catch up on some shopping at the little souk here.



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